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Unschooling today 2/27/2019


We’ve been without a van for about 6 weeks now. Trying to keep our days at home interesting has been a challenge sometimes. If I stay on top of being present with the kids, and paying attention to our connection, the days have gone much more smoothly. Today was a pretty good day.

Me and the boys ate breakfast together, then played in the living room. I put the baby on my back, started waking up Hailey, did some quick chores and get her breakfast and us lunch. Throw in a little dance party.

The 3 year old played with our homemade Playdoh for quite a bit. We all sat around talking, snacking, and listening to music. I read a couple chapters of “diary of a minecraft zombie” out loud.

We had some tea in the special cups. The kids loved that.

Elijah played on minecraft for a bit, showing me what he was creating. Then the boys went outside to play for a while. Hailey spent that time drawing.

When they came in, I helped them get dry clothes. My 3 year old wanted to cuddle and watch TV, and the baby was ready for a nap. I played roblox with Hailey while I sat with them.

Dinner time, then I went to the store to buy some fruit, while the big kids played minecraft some more at home with Papa.

A simple day, but a good one!


I don’t fear daylight savings anymore. 


Daylight savings time. I used to go with the rhetoric of how awful it had to be, because everyone else complained; and truthfully, when we pressured ourselves with early time commitments, I’m sure it did have its challenges. 

Back then, I was very much still discovering who I was and what I believed as parent. I caught myself parroting what I heard others say. That was the normal. I wanted to fit in. Not only in my words, but my actions. I did many things differently, but I also conformed in ways that were hard for me. Get up early, rush to a million activities. Go go go. 

Not now though. Now my kids can sleep and wake as they need. We adjust each day and go with the flow, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Hailey did wake up earlier than usual today, not because the clock was changed, but because of an excited little brother who made a bit too much noise. That’s okay. We can figure out what we need as the day goes on. Our morning was free to take it as slow as we needed it to be.

We ate breakfast, the kids watched a bit of a movie, checked on their birds nests they made for the back yard, and found ladybugs on the porch as I sipped my coffee. Winter demands I take pictures of anything he deems interesting. 

I am thankful that this day won’t throw us off the week and that we have no strict schedule to adhere to. I know that can’t be everyone’s reality. My husband will still have to sleep at his normal time, even if the kids are still up. I could look at that as putting more “work” on me. I don’t look at it that way anymore. I love this life.

New Years Goals



I haven’t really made resolutions for the past few years. I think more in terms of goals. In what way do I want my life to look different at the end of 2016 than it is now? Truthfully, I haven’t thought of it to much. We have our big lofty dream goals of course like being financially stable, but I haven’t set down to think about what steps I want to take for this year. Mostly, because anytime I sit down, there is at least one child on top of me, and often at least two wanting my attention.

As I sit here with a few rare moments of silence, watching my new baby sleep blissfully on my lap, I am trying to think about the future. It is possible that we will move in 2016, but I really don’t think that will happen. I would love for my husband to go back to school to finish his degree, or get a job with more room for promotion, but those must be his goals if they are to happen.

We just went to a new church. I would really love to stick to that and see if this place is as loving and open as they say. I want to always grow that area of my life, and as someone with very little alone time to be quiet and reflect, it has not come easy to me.
I want to work on being mindful of the present moment. While reading a book to my son, I noticed how different the experience was when I was fully present and animated, watching his reactions and soaking up his laughter or answering his questions; versus when I let my mind wander while my mouth went on autopilot parroting words that I had read many times before. I want to focus on now right this minute, on what is right in front of me. This applies to worry about the future and all the things that could go wrong, or dwelling on past mistakes.

I want to try to make the most of our meager income. I have always been good at budgeting, but I know I could do better so that I can maximize the amount I can spend on adventures with the family.

I want to grow my friendships. I have prayed and wished for true friends for a very long time. I have been hurt often while trying to find them. It is not easy for me to deepen these relationships into something truly meaningful. I am socially anxious and sometimes awkward. Despite this, I have finally found a few women who truly get me, who are in the same stages of life I am in, with common interests, and no desire to judge my life. This past year has been about finding each other and being intentional about spending time together. I want this next year to be about continuing that and more.

And lastly, but still very important, I want to laugh more. I want to not take everything so seriously. I want to truly realize how much of the things that I allow to stress me out are just small things. I chose my reaction, and I want to choose to laugh when possible. To make time for silliness and fun because it is important.

I think that is about it. For now, at least, since goals and changes do not only have to be thought about during New Years. This list was about me, about writing down my thoughts and intentions. I hope to read this next year and see that I have moved forward.