On trust and doing what you say you will


When you tell your children that you will do something, please do it. Be a person that keeps promises. Trust is crucial.

I know this isn’t always easy. We are busy, are minds are occupied with many important things, and sometimes we simply forget. I am guilty too. A few weeks ago my son had asked me to make chocolate syrup for homemade chocolate milk. I told him we were out of sugar, but I was going to the store in 2 days and we would buy sugar to make it. Then I forgot about the syrup. If I am honest, maybe I was just hoping he forgot about the syrup because I was looking at it as just another thing I had to do.

So he asked again today. I said “Oh yeah, we can make that today”. I was going to put it off until later. Then I thought about it and realized we had a busy day ahead. If I put it off, it was not going to get done. So I got up and made it. I didn’t really want to make anything before I had my coffee, but this wasn’t just about me. I had told him I would.

This may seem like something trivial. A little thing that doesn’t really matter and has nothing to do with trust. Just try to remember that to our children, little things are their world. It matters. So take their desires seriously, and live up to your word. The trust we are building now lays a foundation for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to make this a post, so that it would not get lost in Facebook land. I want to be able to read it and remind myself to take my children’s trust seriously. I don’t want to be a parent who is full of broken promises. Even the small promises that seem like they will be soon forgotten and not cared about, and maybe sometimes they will. Sometimes, however, your child will realize a promise has gone unfulfilled; possibly unfulfilled again.



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  1. I absolutely needed this today…I am bipolar…I say this to not just share my business but because often I go over my own childhood and think of the hits and misses of my parents! They were wonderful and with 4 kids I want to leave that same impression. I am following you and reposting so instead of going into my past…I’ll have a reminder to move forward and make their future bright!


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