A simple unschooling day


Today was a pretty laid back day. As soon as Elijah woke up, he remembered that it was his Grandma’s birthday today. He was insistent that we bake her a cake. I had not planned on it, so we had to throw some things together last minute and make up our own recipe because I did not have all the ingredients for any of my usual recipes. Then he asked for paper to make her a card. Hailey had made hers the night before.

After baking the cake, we headed to church. We were late, but the kids made it to class. They really love their class, so they were both happy.

When church was finished, we headed home. We had to frost the cake, and both kids wanted to help. We watched a few minutes of TV and waited for Grandma. Grandma got to our house. The kids excitedly gave her their cards, and showed her the cake. We sang happy birthday and played with Grandma.

I guess I got a little distracted talking to my Mom, because Winter crawled over to the art supply bucket and had a good taste of marker. 😛


After Grandma left, the kids and I took a walk to a nearby field. They ran, rolled down the hills, and gathered dandelions.


Simple things really can make kids very happy.



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