A day in the life!


Today started with an earlier than usual wake up. Well it was supposed to be at least, but Mama and Papa overslept! So it actually started wit rushing around trying to get ready for a program we had registered for.

The program was an active story time program at a local gardens style metropark. It was a lot of fun. The gardens are so beautiful as well.


After the program we hung around to play for a bit. I had never visited this park in the spring, and the plant and animal life was in full display. We saw quite a few cool birds, and watched them fly around, listened to them chirp.


This is a cardinal. Our state bird!

We even found a nest. Hailey was quite interested in the newly hatched robin’s egg.


They played in the sand pit for a bit before we headed home for lunch.

After lunch, a bit of rest, and some cleaning up on my part, we left again to meet up with some friends at the big nature park near us. I didn’t get pictures here because I hardly saw the kids. They were running around, deep in play, and doing their own thing. But Winter played with his baby friend!


Back at home, we cooked out on the grill. It was a good dinner! We then read a bunch of new books I had grabbed from the library. Please feel free to share your unschooling day in the comments!


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