Our unschooling day 4/18/16


Based on the account of many of our other unschooling days, it may seem that we are always on the go. That is not the case of course. I don’t want it to seem that unschooling can only be successful if you leave the house. Plenty of learning can happen just relaxing at home. We’ve stayed home the past two days because the kids had runny noses and I thought they might be fighting a mild cold that I didn’t want to pass on. They have kept busy here at home though!

I did some accidental strewing. I was looking for something in a drawer and unintentionally put the tubes of glitter glue in the kids crayon bucket. The kids discovered it and has some art time creating colorful pictures with the glitter glue.


Elijah had been asking to make honey cake for a while now. He has seen something about honey cake on a tv show, and I had forgotten about it, but the episode came on today and he asked again. I said yes of course! So we headed into the kitchen and whipped up the new to us recipe. It was so yummy!


Elijah needed a bath from playing outside yesterday. He asked to make it a colored bath, so I let him pick his colors and he threw them in. He splashed and played with the toys.


The baby took a nap on my back, while I got some cleaning done. There was some downtime with tv shows thrown in there.


It was a beautiful day so we headed out front. The kids wanted to play with the water table, but we couldn’t find the plug to stop the water from leaking out. Hailey tested out many different ideas on objects that could plug the whole successfully. She finally found a solution that worked. I filled it up and they all played.


Winter really loved splashing in there. He loves the water!


The baby took another small nap while Hailey and Elijah played with toy food and then some imaginary game where she pretended to be a cat and he took care of her. Elijah also tried on our new Captain America costume.


After dinner, the kids played outside again with the kids from next door. After they were done, the kids wanted to ride their bikes for the first time this spring. Hailey was a bit rusty, but she was back in the swing of things with some practice.

We came I read another chapter in Charlotte’s web to Hailey. Then I read some books to both of them, Elijah is asleep now, and Hailey is creating things with tape and string.


Feel free to share about your day in the comments!


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