Kids love adventure. They often don’t care about getting dirty or wet while in the middle of exploring something new and exciting. My kids tend to get along, play cooperatively, and find new ways to relate to each other when we are on the go and exploring. We leave the house nearly every day because when we stay home, often they argue more. Something about a change of scenery really seems to help both of them.

When Papa is working, I usually keep our adventures small and at familiar places, or at least places that I don’t feel like I am going to loose a kid 😉 . Papa is truly the adventurous, risk taking, thrill seeker in our marriage. I am the watch from the side lines and take pleasure in watching everyone else take risks. I love the learning, watching the discoveries, and the connections unfolding right before my eyes, but I am more the facilitator. Okay, maybe I am a bit boring. That is okay, I fake it as best as I can.

Today, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone. I don’t do that often, at least not with hubby strongly encouraging me. I met up with a big group of local parents who were hiking a beautiful nature reserve that I had never been to. I was so nervous about possibly having to tandem carry the 3 year old and the baby, carrying the basic supplies, a kid running ahead and getting lost or hurt. But, I knew the kids would have a good time , and I  really had been looking forward to this event before Papa’s schedule had changed at work. So we went.

It was a fun adventure! We walked about 3.5 miles total. The trails were so beautiful.

Everything did not go perfect. I forgot the big water bottle and only had a small pouch of water. It turned out alright, we filled up at the beautiful spring with fresh water.



I also forgot baby wipes for Winter, so we roughed it with napkins and water. 😀

The kids got to know some other hiking friends a bit better. The got dirty, they got wet.

Hailey kept exclaiming “look at this beautiful nature area! Everything is so pretty!”


My favorite part of the hike was when 3 deer sprinted across a path right in front of us. So amazing!

The hike ended the the reserve’s nature center where the kids took a rest, played with wooden blocks, and checked out the fossils. Hailey was fascinated with a giant shell and the employee in the center explained what the sound actually was. She happily told everyone else who entered the center before we left.

After the hike we headed to get some ice cream at a local dairy farm. Yum!

So it was an adventurous day, and not just for the kids!


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