Our unschooling these past few days


Sometimes I am too busy to stop and write a post about one unschool day, so I write a post about a few days or so. We have been busy having fun around here. Saturday most of my extended family went to my grandma’s house for lunch. My cousin was in town. I had not seen him in 12 years since his mom passed away and he had to move in with other relatives. My other cousin who live in Texas was also in town. So the family gathered to eat and catch up. My kids played with their cousins and made memories in the same house I made many memories in. Lots of laughs were had.


Winter got to meet his Great Grandpa too.


Sunday was church, which the kids absolutely love. Hailey and I also continued reading Charlotte’s Web.

Monday, we met up with a local homeschool preschool group at the children’s museum. We looked at the animals in the zoo area, and then all worked on pages for a book we are making.

We then played in the other areas of the museum and watched a planetarium show about the stars and planets. We finished our museum play in the play kitchen and pizza making area. Hailey decided it would be a great time to have a fake Italian accent. Apparently, nearby kids agreed because by the time we left, all the kids in the area had adopted the same accent.

Hailey and I chatted a bit about what the word coincidence means, and she laughed at funny examples she could think of.

Today, we headed to our favorite farm. The kids loved on some lambs that were just born a few days ago. They were adorable.


They also had fun digging in the dirt, because why not?


We headed to Ben& Jerry’s for free ice cream cone day, then to the grocery store, and out to lunch. Tonight Hailey will probably tag along with me to La Leche Legaue, while Papa and Elijah spend some special boys time.


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