Learning from tangents


My husband has the tendency to get distracted when he is doing something, and end up doing a completely different task. I have been known to get a tad frustrated with his distractible mind, but other times I have stepped back and realized that the tangents he goes off on have value. I have noticed that kids often naturally learn in much the same way. They start with one thing which reminds them of another thing, and then another. So much can be learned, practiced, or accomplished in a short period of time because of this pattern.12983194_10209553434532398_5556097279143211291_o

Tonight I witnessed learning that stemed from a random conversation. Papa and Hailey started out talking about how their bodies bend differently, which led to a discussion on angles, degrees, and compasses, then Papa showed Hailey what that looks like on a paper plate by making a compass. Next they used their homemade compass to make different types of triangles and talking about their corresponding degrees. It ended with them finding out how many degrees their hands were. Hailey’s can stretch 135 degree. Elijah took this time to practice writing his “numbers”.


I am happy to have a partner that is on board with unschooling. I was happy tonight that he took the time to go off on a tangent of learning with them. It all happened during the time we would usually start winding down with our nighttime routine, but learning shouldn’t be stopped because of the clock, so that got pushed back a bit to go with the flow of learning.


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