Unschooling today 3/30/16


Today Hailey had an appointment to get her hair cut. This is only the second time ever and she decided to go short for spring. I took her to a friend’s salon and she really enjoyed it. She loves her new hairstyle!


After that we headed to our weekly homeschool friend’s play-date. The kids played on the swing set, tire swing, trampoline, and came up with games to play with each other.


After a while, our friend decided to let her chickens out to roam a bit. Hailey had fun trying to help them find worms to eat.


Winter got down in the grass and socialized too. He picked the grass and squished the dirt. This is the first time he ever got dirty feet from playing outside; the first of many I’m sure.


Please feel free to share about your day in the comments!


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