Unschooling Today 3/29/16


We had a slow morning with breakfast, coffee, and chatter about random stuff. We all got ready and went out to lunch. The restaurant had colorful decorations of animals all throughout. The kids named the ones they knew and asked about the others. We talked a bit about different types of cuisine and which foods were different among them. Hailey sadly learned that breadsticks were not a part of Mexican cuisine.

We went to a park to go hiking and explore. This has been a favorite activity lately, so we have been going at least once a week. We discovered they had a special kids trail with signs throughout. Each sign had a piece of the story and an animal fact. Hailey really enjoyed discovering each one.


We then headed to the regular trail. At some point, the kids became interested in looking for bugs under logs. With some help from Papa, they found some centipedes.

Hailey ran a bit ahead and when we caught up to her we discovered she had found a thick stick that she was using as a lever to help he lift the large logs.


The kids found some worms. In the past, Elijah has been a bit hesitant about all things creepy crawly, but he found some courage and picked up the worms. He named one wormy and carried it with him until it pooped on his hand. Then he said it was time to put wormy back into his home.

On the way back Papa noticed some tracks in the dirt and Elijah compared his feet to the animal track. We talked about which animal it likely was and we landed on deer.


At this point, Winter woke up from his nap in the carrier and I decided to let him down to play a bit and stretch out before headed home. He enjoyed feeling the grass and attempting to crawl forward.


Feel free to tell me what your day looked like in the comments. 🙂


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  1. We were outside a great deal of yesterday’s afternoon because it was beautiful out! Played in the back yard with the chickens, B swung on his rope swing. Then we headed to a nearby park with a big wooden playground. Played tag on the playground, then went to the sandy area where B loves to run so he can see his feet kicking up sand. The rest of the time was spent along the lake, where there are giant limestone rocks bordering it, that begged to be traversed.


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