Coffee me!


If you spend anytime around me or my husband you will quickly realize that we love coffee. It is so much more than a drink that we consume to give an extra energy boost. It is that of course, but we just love the whole coffee experience. We love how it smells, how it tastes. We love trying new kinds of beans, different roasts, different brew methods. We usually brew at home, but we also have a favorite local coffee shop that makes excellent coffee. You will not come to our house and find cheap coffee in a big red can, you won’t find a cheap drip machine. We take coffee seriously. It is a shared hobby, and those are always nice to have in a marriage.

I was really happy to get to try some coffee from the company Koffee Kult. We got these beans to try for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review for the company. I am not going to pass up that opportunity. They came in on a day hubby was at work, so it was really hard to wait and try them, but I held out. 🙂


We were very happy with these beans. I love a good french roast. We brew our coffee on the stronger side and these beans held up. Smooth, bold, low acidity, yummy. The beans themselves were super dark and oily. The grinder still ground them perfect for our french press.

The baby is teething hardcore. he was tossing and turning most of last night. Hubby just asked me to stay up late with him tonight and watch a movie. So, I think that means it is time for another cup of this delicious coffee!


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