Our Unschooling Day 3/18/16


This is actually our unschooling account for yesterday. It was an awesome day. We had Papa home for the last day before he went back to work for a few days and we won’t see him much, so we wanted to make good use of it. After breakfast and a relaxing morning we got ready and headed out. We stopped for lunch at a local place and ate while Hailey and Papa played tic-tac-toe and connect the dots.

After finishing there, we headed out to hike. We tried a new trail today, and it was beautiful. Hiking is fun by itself, but Elijah found a way to spice it up by challenging Papa to a stick light saber fight. I am so glad that Papa was around for that one, because that is not my thing. They had a ton of fun off and on battling through much of the trail. Even Hailey joined in a bit.




Sister joining in.

Hailey also decided the trail was the perfect place to practice her spelling. She grabbed a stick and stopped all along the way back to write words in the dirt. She started with all the ones she knew, then asked me to name other words that I thought she would be able sound out, and finished with words that only required her to change out one vowel to make a new word (Pat, pet, pit, pot, put!). I love that all types of learning has no walls around here.


Back at home after dinner, Papa started a fire. Elijah had been asking to roast marshmallows for a few days, so we were finally able to do that. We made s’mores, which funnily enough, the kids chose not to eat. Elijah actually doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth; it was more about the process for him. Hailey chose to just eat the chocolate, and said that was enough sweet stuff for her at one time. But me and Papa had our fill. Winter hung around on my back in my woven and enjoyed watching the fire. It was a great day!



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