A child’s heart


One of my favorite things to witness as a parent is the natural generosity of my children’s hearts. So often, I see them being giving, kind, and loving on people. In these moments, I feel so happy about the way we have chosen to parent these little ones, because I certainly believe it matters. In those moments, I see it. I see that raising my children in a way in which I try to be generous with them results in children who feel happy to be generous with others.


What do I mean by generous with my children? This can look like a lot of things. It looks like sometimes letting them pick out toys when we go out. If we have the money to spend, then we try to say yes to that. It means when my hubby and I treat ourselves to the occasional coffee shop coffee, we try to get the kids a drink too. It could mean saying yes to an activity that the kids want to do. It could mean being generous with my time and spending some much needed special time.

Sometimes, it means happily sharing some of our things with our children. Last night, I had a few pieces of candy that were given to me. I could have eaten them all to myself (and I have been known to hide a little treat just for myself here and there-nothing wrong with that), but instead I was openly happy to offer my daughter some. I think food is this this girls love language (like Mother like daughter 😉 ).

This weekend we attended an Easter egg hunt. There were a bunch of kids, and after it was all said and done, I noticed that a few kids got much less eggs than others. Hailey did not hesitate to start handing out some of her eggs to others. She went around actively looking for those who might have had less. She spent some of the time we had set aside to play to pass out candy to those who had little. She happily exclaimed “it feels really great to share with others!” I was proud of her giving heart. She gives with everything she has. She is generous with her things, her time, her love.

Some days this parenting thing is kinda tough. Then other days I get to see some of the reward of all this hard work and I remember how very worth it is. I am raising some pretty amazing human beings.


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  1. I appreciate your insight on generosity. I know I can be a little more generous with my “stash.” And you made a good point about the coffee. We don’t go out for coffee much, but when I do, I usually have the kids and make a run through the drive thru. It can get a little pricey buying something for each of my six blessings, but I once in a while won’t hurt. Thanks! Blessings.


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