Our Unschool Day 3/12/16


Yes, it is Saturday and we are still learning. That is the beauty of unschooling; the realization that learning does not stop. Our day started off a bit earlier than usual because our local learning farm was having a program and an Easter egg hunt. We checked out the animals on the farm,

hunted for eggs, and played on the equipment.


Hailey made a new friend, and we talked about what the phrase “things in common” means. Elijah played restaurant with rocks and leaves as his pretend food. A good time.


Back at home for lunch, snacking on the candy from the eggs, the babies nap, and some relaxation time. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs came on TV so we watched that. Elijah preferred to build with blocks.

My 3 year-old was getting a little ornery. I figured some outside play might be good for him. We head out and my 5 year-old decides she would rather play than finish the movie. They slide and draw with chalk while the baby checks out the grass for the first time. Elijah decides he wants to ride his trike so I wrap the baby and walk behind him.


This stuff feels pretty neat…

We will probably wind down soon since we got up earlier. Also, before bed I know Hailey will ask me to read her a a chapter or two in the book we are reading together.


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