Our Unschooling Today 3/9/16



Today started off with some TV while my husband and I watched our church service online that we had missed this past week. My oldest got a little bored watching shows she got down the new marble game we bought and started playing with that. Somehow, Papa and her started talking about obstacles courses and they found a video of one to watch. Then Hailey wanted to build one herself to test out. She completed it after a few tries and then Elijah took his shot at the course. He completed, albeit in a more unconventional way.

While everyone was getting ready we put on some funny music and danced. Hailey said this was to celebrate the completion of the obstacle course. We packed some lunches to go and headed out the door to a local metropark. We took a small hike with a group of other local parents with babies and small kids. After the hike the kids played at the little nature play area. We also hung up our new hammock and played in that.


Now we are back at home for homemade pizza night. If the kids are up to a movie we might try that too.


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