Teething babies, colds, and a tired Mama


My poor baby has had a rough few weeks and it has taken its toll on the whole family. Winter is such a happy, active little guy. I just love him so much. But when he is uncomfortable, he is not afraid to let us know. Which is a good thing I guess, but it does lead to some long days. First he started showing signs of teething. It had slipped my mind that we did not get an amber teething necklace yet. If you have never heard of these, look it up! They really can help. The one I had for my daughter made a night and day difference for teething.

I was offered this one to review for a discounted price. I am all about saving money so I was happy to do it. I was hoping it would be as good as the one I had for my daughter, and better than the one I had for my oldest son. I can say I noticed a difference immediately. he drooled less, he seemed happier, and it looked so CUTE!


Sadly, after a few days of a happier baby, he got his first cold. He took it hard. The first night he cried almost all night. The next day he lost his voice. That was so sad. He couldn’t even cry; it was more like a sad little whimper. He has just been so uncomfortable. My 3 year-old was also sick and he was not taking it well either. Papa was working long hours the whole time as well. Sick kids plus a working husband equals a tired Mama.

But the boys are on the mend and today is a family day. It is beautiful outside and I can’t wait to get some fresh air. It will do the whole family good.



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