Our Unschooling Day 2/19/2016



Our day started out by meeting up with some new people for the first meet and greet of a local family friendly hiking group. We met at Starbucks, got a treat, and headed on a walk to the park. Hailey met some new friends who she spent much of the time with, and Elijah mostly played with me or by himself. After a while of play, we walked back and headed home.


We had some lunch and the kids played pretending to be the chef/waiter/customer at a restaurant.A bit later Elijah played in the water in the sink a bit while Hailey and I played Rory’s story cubes. Which is a game that must have been made for her. I laid the baby down for a nap and Elijah fell asleep too, which means it will probably be a late night here, so maybe a movie after dinner.


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