Thoughts on the kids growing up


12471394_10208764873138856_1211230004004488350_oToday I woke up and instantly my heart was extra full with love for my children. Not that I do not love my children every day of course, but today I was just very aware of how quickly it all goes. One of those days that you look at your kids and it feels like they grew overnight. Reminiscing over their baby and toddlerhood that was, and realizing that every single moment counts.

I am not sure what brought it on. Maybe it was the fact that both of my older children did in fact grow quite a bit in the past month. Or maybe it was my 3 year old realizing the correct way to pronounce cover is no “fugga” and Grandma is no longer “Margo”. Maybe it is moving the baby up to a new size of clothes and then seeing that they are almost snug already. But my babies are not always going to be babies and today it was so bittersweet.

I was pondering this on the drive to our family outing, when I had the uncontrollable urge to look back and smile at my daughter. I had all my love in that smile hoping that she felt it. She tends to be the kid that really needs reassured the most, plus she was the only one who could see me because the other two are rear facing. She must have got the message because about 5 minutes later she got my attention to tell me how much she loved me in return.

Today had its challenges, but I remained calm in almost all of them, which doesn’t always happen. Today the positive parenting phrases about staying calm in the storm, or about them having a hard time, not giving you a hard time, remained in the front of my mind as I listened to tears or helped settle a sibling disagreement. Tomorrow might be different, as some days how fast this all goes seems like a lie because the day drags on and difficult behaviors really weigh on my spirit. But today, I smiled. Today I enjoyed my babies.


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