What does unschooling look like for us?



There are many different explanations out there to describe what unschooling is. I view it as living life, pursuing interests, having fun, and exploring new places. When doing this, learning naturally occurs. I am certianly no expert seeing as my oldest is not yet 6. However, for now, I feel this path is what makes the most sense for us. It feels right.

My kids have already learned so much, often from places that I did not expect. I am still surprised when my daughter tells me some fact she learned from a TV show. I see my 3 year old constantly learning and experimenting. I am also learning right next to them. Learning is viewed as fun and very normal in this house. it just happens. It is not complicated. I just learned that there are two mammals  that lay eggs (I had previously thought there was only 1). That was from a book my oldest asked me to read while waiting for an chiropractor appointment; certainly not a place one would be expecting to learn about animals. But life is filled with new things to learn, it is everywhere, unavoidable.

I went to traditional school. I loved the academic part. I hated most everything else. What do I remember from it? The stuff that I enjoyed. I forgot almost everything else. All those facts crammed into my head were instantly forgotten after the test. I don’t want that experience for my children.

We do not use a structured curriculum. I do not believe there is anything wrong with using one if that is what works for you and your family. My choice is not a judgement of anyone else. The only workbooks we have are the ones my daughter has asked to have because she actually enjoys doing them sometimes. I do not encourage them over the other activities in our home. They have free access to the TV, board games, playdoh, crayons, books, toys, and many other tools of learning. They naturally tend to spend most of their time with their own interests. My daughter likes to create through many different mediums. My son likes to play cook, build things, play in the water, and lately his trains.


If I looked at our week in schoolish terms, I can easily see reading, math, science, art, and history covered. Often times, they are learning things naturally that are above the level they would be learning at school.
I love this path. To me if feels like a natural extension of our attachment parenting. It just flows nicely. If something changes, we will change and adapt right along with it. That is the beauty of unschooling.


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