Our “Homeschooling” 1/7/16


Our homeschooling today started with watching a TV show. Something on it inspired Hailey to talk about apple trees. She asked to slice up an apple as a snack and take out the seeds to plant outside. So we got dressed and headed out with seeds and some water. I held back my thoughts on all the reasons planting those seeds were not likely to grow right now, and just let them have their fun. Then we decided to take a walk since it was a pretty mild winter day. We walked down to a field we sometimes play in. The big kids rolled down the hill, threw some ice into a puddle, and ran around. The baby was checking out grass.

Then back at home I made some lunch. The kids requested to try the starfruit they had picket out at the store, which went over well.  Now they are making playdoh creations and have asked for bingo to be the next activity.


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