Our “Homechool” Today 1/3/16


Today’s homeschooling has actually been building upon the things we have done the past few days. Hailey has started to enjoy me reading her longer books, so while Papa is putting the toddler to sleep, I have been reading her longer books. Her favorite so far has been the Frog and Toad series.

In one story, Toad decides to make a to-do list and rigidly adheres to the list. This started an interesting conversation about what to-do lists are for and how we try to stick to them, or if we can just add things as we think of them, or when it is okay to decided something on your list isn’t worth doing, etc. Hailey decided to make her own to do list, so she had me tell her how to spell what she wanted to write.

To Do:

Listen to a chapter

Do a show


Go to sleep

It was getting late and I was tired so we agreed we would do that list the following day. So we read another chapter, and then she pretended to put on a newscast from inside a big cardboard box with the front cut out used as her TV. She is currently watch Netflix, and I hope sleep is to follow.



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