Food Experiments



My daughter has taken a sudden interest in creating “recipes”. This shouldn’t surprise me I guess, since she likes to create in general. She has found much joy in mixing together different flavors of applesauce, fruit pouches, and yogurt.

My initial reaction did go to food waste and mess. But truth be told, she has eaten most of what she has made and even helped clean up the mess without hesitation. The first time I walked into the kitchen and she explained that she wanted to pour milk into a popsicle holder and freeze it to make a “milk pop”, I almost shut it down and told her how flavorless that would be. I am glad that I caught myself and instead of letting that slip I forced a smile and said “That sounds like an interesting food experiment.” I really love fostering her since of creativity and curiosity. I try to just think of the temporary extra cost as homeschool supplies, after all learning is in all the things.

Also a huge bonus is that she has tried some new things, which is actually a big achievement for the kid who has trouble with anything new or different.

Oh and if you are wondering how the “milk pop” turned out, she offered it to her little brother who did not seem to think it was gross or flavorless at all. She had an ear to ear smile as she told me that someone liking her experiment made her “kind of like a chef”.


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  1. This reminds me of my ‘cooking’ with my grandma. She would literally let me use every thing she had in cabinets or cupboard, and it is one of my most joyful memories of all of my childhood. We did it whenever I came for a visit, which was actually quite often. At least every other week. She allowed me to experiment and feel like I had made something of value. It was all met with excitement and that it was ok to get a little silly and mix ingredients all together. We’d bake it nonetheless. And I don’t know if it was her awesome Grammy powers or what. Everything always rose, fluffed out, looked good!! I can’t remember the flavor. I’m sure it was interesting. I was always so happy and sleepy after all that. I don’t know what she did with my experiments. Lol! I’m just thankful someone let me be free and a kid like that. I’ll have these memories forever. That’s what’s important. Not the mess.


    • What a beautiful memory to share! It sounds like your grandma was a fun lady. I always love to hear stories of when the fun and memories were the center of it all, instead of the mess. Grandmas can be especially good at that.


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