Smile at their style


I love a toddler’s sense of style. They have no fear to live in the moment and go with what makes them feel happy. Often times it seems the sillier the better. Elijah (3 years old) has always loved to accessorize his outfit with hats, gloves, scarves, or dress up clothes over his regular clothes. He looks ridiculous and adorable. I don’t think twice when he wants to wear one of these outfits out to the grocery store or to run errands. He is so proud of his outfit. Sure, sometimes it attracts some stares. But more often than not, lots of smiles by other people who also appreciate his adorable crazy style. Self-expression is a wonderful thing.


Elijah king

“I’m a King!”

In this picture Elijah said he was a King. We were out all day with him wearing this. I will look back on this picture when he is older and remember this time in his life. So innocent, so opinionated, so imaginative. This look here is the epitome of toddlerhood.

tmp (2)

So next time you see a child all dressed up in whatever makes them happy, whether it be animal prints from head to toe, or as many colors as possible, or a mismatched dress up outfit, just smile. Remember how short this time of their life is, a time before society’s thoughts on your clothes matter. A time of pure innocent fun.


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