Saying Yes



I believe in saying “yes” as often as possible. In reality that does not always feel easy. Look at this picture for example. Here my two oldest wanted to wash dishes together. A no would have been an easy thing to say. I thought of lots of reasons to say no, but when I really considered the reasons why, none of them were good enough.

“No, it would be too messy and water will get everywhere.” It did. Water was all over the place. It was pretty easy to clean up. And I showed my daughter how to point the sprayer downward and she really tried to keep it in the sink.

“No, you can’t waste the dish soap.” To them it was not a waste at all. Besides, what is a $2 bottle of dish soap compared to the fun they were having?

So, I said yes. And my daughter said “I wanted to wash dishes for you. I know you love clean dishes. You can take the day off.” Such a sweet thought. Saying yes allowed her to show me her love for me. Saying yes gave her an opportunity to take enjoyment in a typically mundane chore. Saying yes facilitated a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their work and ability to contribute to the household.

It was worth the mess. It was worth the “wasted” soap. It was worth the less than clean dishes that will have to be washed again. It was just worth


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